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born on 4 June 1960 in Arras (France)
two children
citizenship: French

Education and degrees

• 2008: Master Degree in Psychology (Paris VII)

• 2002: Ph. D. in Immunology (Paris VI)

• 1998:  Master Degree  in Epidemiology (CESAM, Paris VI, 1998: Methods  of Evaluation in Public Health; Lyon I, 1990: Methods in Epidemiology)

• 1993: A.E.A. (advanced course) in Fundamental Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris

• 1990: specialist training: Medical Biology (Lille II) and Tropical Medicine (Paris XI)

• 1987:  Medical Doctor (Lille II)

• 1986:  D.E.A. (advanced post-graduate diploma) in Immunology (Lille I et II)

• 1985: A.E.A. in Developmental Biology (Paris V)

• 1985: Master Degree  in Human Biology (Lille II and Paris V)


• Member of the  NGO Sante Sud, Marseille, France (two missions in Mongolia);

since 2009: medical evaluator for disabled people, department of Herault, Montpellier, France (medical evaluation of the handicap; contribution to the multidisciplinary team involved in the technical and social compensation of the handicap);

2000-2008: Clinician and Public Health Practitionner at the French Agency for Immigration (ANAEM). Screening for tuberculosis, medical counselling, HIV counselling, epidemiological survey in the immigrant population. Medical referent for the prevention of HIV infection.  Coordinator of the health plan of action for refugees in the south-east of France. Medico-psychological intervention for traumatized asyluum seekers;

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (April 1996- August 2002):

Researcher in Viral Oncology Unit (Head: Pr. L. Montagnier), laboratory of Dr. M.L. Gougeon. Financial support by the French Ministry of Cooperation, Sidaction, and  Chiron Company. Studies on the immunopathology of the HIV infection, and on the immune restoration following antiretroviral and/or immunological treatments. Coordination of the follow-up of patient’s cohorts;

Centre Muraz / O.C.C.G.E., Burkina Faso (March 1991- March 1996)

(Organisation de Coordination et de Coopération pour la lutte contre les Grandes Endémies) (Head: Pr J.P. Chiron, then Pr F. Fumoux). Head of the immunology laboratory. Institution of the follow-up of HIV-infected patients.  Research on natural history of HIV infection in West-Africa. Bio-epidemiological survey of poliomyelitis and arboviruses. Training of students and technicians in flow cytometry, serological assays, cell culture, viral isolations.  Tropical medicine;

Institut Pasteur of Dakar, Sénégal (December 1987 - April 1989)

(Head: Dr J.P. Digoutte) (laboratory of Drs. M. Arborio, B. Gentile). Voluntary for active service in Cooperation. Tropical medicine, antirabic clinic, epidemiological investigations (Rift Valley fever outbreak in Mauritania);

Institut Pasteur of Lille, France (October 1985 - June  1987)

Immunological training (D.E.A.) in the Centre d'Immunologie et de Biologie Parasitaire (Head: Pr A. Capron. Laboratory  of Pr A.B. Tonnel). Studies on the modulation of T lymphocyte functions during specific hyposensitization in atopic patients;

General practitioner (1984 - 1990)

Resident in a medico-surgical Clinic Teissier, Valenciennes (Dr P. Casanouve, 1984/85); temporary private activity (1986/90).

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